Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beggers, Couscous and Call to Prayer

Hello my great readers.

Every time I post I intend to post a few thoughts. As of right now I am drinking a Twinning's Indian Spiced Chai and enjoying life. Today is a great day of having other women PCV's over to talk about a woman's wellness workshop. These times are always good times to check up on each other eat amazing food! Almost all PCV's are pretty great. Now if I can just understand the people of Morocco everything would be awesome!

Random Thoughts:

-Being lost and whimsical in this culture is part of growing. This is exactly what I wanted but after a while the "fun factor" wears off and you just feel lost.

-Beggars in this town are ruthless. One followed me all the way from the taxi stand and I could not get him away. At one moment I thought I was going to get in fist fight with one of his friends but they were under 16 so I was not intimidated, just frustrated.

-Couscous is something that most Moroccans eat on Friday's. Families come together for this meal and eat it out of a communal tangine. Most of the time men of the family eat in one room and the women eat in another. Even the word for Friday is very similar to the word meeting in Arabic. It is just sort of worked in the culture because the language the goes hand in hand.

-Call to prayer is 5 times a day. Before I arrived to this country I thought people stopped wherever they were and prayed. Most of the people I have ran into do not pray right away. The call to prayer is more like a reminder to pray as soon as you can.

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