Monday, August 16, 2010

Boredom and Ramadan

I call this time in my Peace Corps experience Absolute Boredom. I haven't really posted a lot lately because there really isn't much to report. Since Ramadan has started my life has been boring. I try to find things to fill this time but it is hard to fill it with cleaning, watching movies, playing games, surfing the net, etc. I just get bored quickly. BTW if you don't know what Ramadan is check it out here.

I think when people told me before that Peace Corps volunteers have a lot of down time I didn't believe them. I thought that we would have so little time because we would be doing our jobs. But the truth is that our jobs are sometimes seasonal, and when we do go into work it is not an eight hour day it is more like a college professor: go to the class you set up, you have "office hours", and then with the free time you play games with the kids(well my professors never did that but maybe yours did). 

With the month of Ramadan no one comes to the Youth House (where I work). They are either traveling, in their homes with their families, playing soccer or helping with chores. So it makes it difficult to just do my job when no one even comes. Also almost all the stores are shut down because no one wants to work in the heat with no water or food. So they go home and sleep. I think they are smart. This makes it difficult to do normal everyday things like buy food or pay bills. Strangeness it seems rules my life.

So in turn we are in our house trying to make it through the heat and the boredom. Sometimes it is difficult to stay completely positive. 

Here is a list of the things I miss and think about the most when I am bored:
Canned Food
Microwave Dinners
Frozen Pizza
Movie Theaters
Driving a Car
24 Hour Stores
24 Restaurants
Being close with family and friends

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  1. Matt,
    Jolie says you three should find a reason to get up here and spend the holy month with us. For one it is a lot cooler. The high yesterday was only 34 Celsius (93 Fahrenheit). Secondly Jolie wants to pick Tanie's brain about her Women's Health ToT, so you could totally get work related leave. What do you say buddy?

    P.S. I completely agree with you on the frozen pizza, having a car, and 24 hour restaurants.