Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiberius the Turtle

Tiberius is my turtle. He is named after James "Tiberius" Kirk (Yes the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise) because he is a little explorer. We got him from our Arabic tutor. He is very cute and he been with us enough that now he has a personality. He does things like constantly staring into red lights and hiding in toilet paper rolls :) I have never really been much of a pet person myself (well a dog or cat person) but it seems this is a pet that I will enjoy having.

Super cute
Eats flowers and weeds
Does not bark or meow
Sleeps almost all day
His head goes in is shell
Poops a tiny little bit
Gives us happiness
Good practice of having a real kid

Does not snuggle
Might out live me (some live over 100 years)
Could become the size of a small watermelon
White pee
Might get salmonella from the shell

So you can see there are many pros! I was really bored I thought you would enjoy meeting my turtle.

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