Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Misconceptions about America

Over the last year I have come across many misconceptions about America's from Moroccans. I think it is interesting to find what some people believe about American's and why exactly they believe what they do. Obviously these opinions might not represent all of Morocco but it is interesting nonetheless. Today I will highlight just two.

Americans just have money and we don't have to work for it.
This came about when I had a conversation with a few PCV's. We are all speaking about money in Morocco and how little it costs to live here by American standards. Then one of the volunteer said, "There are people in my site who believe that we just have money and we don't have to work for it." I ask myself why do they think this is? Is it all the western movies on "Fox Movies"  where they see Americans just siting around fighting but they have huge mansions, expensive cars, and huge wardrobe. In these movies it seems no one has jobs we all just mess about all day. I guess if that's the only time you ever hear about American's you might think that this is true. It is just an interesting point of view but obviously a false one.

American's do not have to pay for education.
This one I sort of understand. Here in Morocco anyone can get into university for free (all but room and board that is). The only requirement is that you have to pass your BAC (baccalauréat) exams in order to have a chance to go to university. I am sure exactly how it works but I assume that the better scores you have the better chance that you can get into the university of choice. Moroccan education is very similar to the French school system.  There are public universities which they can go to for free or private ones that really only the very wealthy can afford. You tell me which gets the better education? America has yet to do something like this. It would be nice for those who cannot really afford the education and maybe be able to get a better life because of it. If America did do this I am also sure the people would have to pay for it in taxes and many would be opposed to having to pay higher taxes. As a person who drowning in debt I hope that we as a nation can figure out the national debt so we can take care of our people which such things as free public university. *stands down from soap box*

I hope to highlight more of these in the future. Again I want to portray I do not think that this is what the majority believe. Everyone is an individual and can have their say. I just hear things like this from time to time and I think that you would think this would be interesting. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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