Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Anonymous

To the "Anonymous" who decided to call me all kinds of things. First of all if you are going to criticize someone give me your full name! You would never ever say the things that you did if you were to my face. Who has the time to go around to random blogs and just spread hate.  Apparently were a PCV in 87-89 what you are doing is the opposite of an RPCV should be doing. I am ashamed to see the bitterness that is steaming from you. I just can't believe this hatred that you are spreading. Just the way that sent me four Anonymous posts is very cowardly. Anonymous I am a person and again if you are an RPCV our government and the PC would be very ashamed of you. Hsuma alik (If you were an RPCV from Morocco then you understand that).

Why am I bringing this out to the open? I am doing this to defend myself and to show others why I am trying to do with this blog. Just to clarify, I am trying to get potential PCV's to understand that life in the PC isn't easy and I wanted to show my audience what life here in Morocco is really like. I know I wish I would have found a blog like this back in the day before I came to PC so I know what my experience here might be like. I know this is not everyones experience but this is my experience!  I am not whining, far from it, I love this place. You don't even know me or how I think so don't make assumptions. Email me and try to understand where I coming from. 

Another thing how am I being ignorant of the "Moroccan culture and religion"? Sure I don't know everything but I am trying. I am not Muslim, if someone expects me to change religions and give up my own beliefs because I travel (and or live) in another country they are backwards. Islam is a beautiful religion but its not my religion. Cultural exchange means them trying to understand me with me trying to understand them.  In other words it's part of my job. Blogging within itself is part of goal 3. You should know what that is. I want the people back at home to understand Moroccans a little better as well.  If you need a refresher on the three goals take a look here on the PC website. Our job is in three parts, not just giving the HCN skills. Check it out.

Also you criticizing my post on Marrakesh about money. I am not a rich American. If you knew anything about PC you would know they give you a little money to volunteer. So you would know that a taxi ride that is normally 5d goes up to 50 or 100d's is a huge deal. I am not spending money all over the place because I have it. I am blending into the culture because any Moroccan would fight to the death for a taxi price like that. I just assume that people should treat everyone with respect. I don't think thats too much too much to ask for.  It happens in every other place in Morocco just not Marrakesh (most of the time).

I better finish here. I was just disgusted by the emails you sent me and I needed to defend myself. I am not perfect and don't claim to be but to everyone out there know that I am trying the best I can and that I am still understanding daily about my host country nationals and myself. I am sorry if my posts came across as whiny or complaining this is not what I wanted to do. In turn I just wanted to give truthful blog posts that help people understand the PCV experience a little more. I hope that this blog has done that.

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